Pakistan flood 2022

Vigorous' Monsoon Wreaks Havoc in Pakistan   8/28/2022
The torrential rains that began falling July 11 have triggered massive flash floods caused by abnormally heavy monsoon rains.  CBS News reported that the death toll has surpassed 1033 people in Pakistan, with remote communities in the impoverished southwestern provinces among the hardest hit.  Many are injured, grieving, hungry and hurting.
The unprecedented monsoon season has affected all four of the country's provinces. Nearly 300,000 homes have been destroyed, numerous roads rendered impassable and electricity outages have been widespread, affecting millions of people.  Homes, villages, towns have been washed away by the raving water. Due to crops being flooded, there are now severe food shortages in every district hit by the flooding. 
It is hard for most of us to comprehend this type of flooding and the hopelessness that comes with it. But we can help with our gifts and prayers.  Money is needed immediately to help care for the thousands who are homeless.
Pastor and Evangelist Rasheed Akther, through Light of Life Pakistan is working to meet the needs of those whose lives and homes have been devastated by the flooding.    “Of the 200 people who attend Pastor Rasheed’s church, in Karachi, many are missing and unaccounted for.  And while there is great human need, there is also great spiritual need.  These people need to know that the Christian church and the Christian community care for them, and that God cares for them and loves them in the midst of their suffering.
 8/26/2022— Today, I (Pastor Rasheed) baked bread in my house and took it to a flooded village.  There I witnessed great suffering and sadness as there was no food to be found.  While there I ministered to a family, grieving over the death their 9 year daughter –dead due to starvation, after going without food for 5 days. My heart is breaking to see so much suffering.  Never in my life have I seen anything like this.
Most of the people of Pakistan are poor.  Now they are homeless, without food and without hope.  Light of Life Pakistan is bringing hope to the hopeless.

 Right now, the urgent need is FOOD, particulary  RICE  and FLOUR.    Pastor Rasheed hopes to raise $15,000.00 to buy food.   A ton of flour is $600.00 and a ton of rice is $500.00.
Much of the country’s infrastructure has been destroyed or in many cases, washed away. Homes, villiages, towns just gone and the people have not where to live and little food to eat.  The rain is still falling and the waters raging.  The international community is slow in responding and the government of Pakistan does not have the resources to deal with a national emergency of this magnitude. 
 Won’t you help him help these who are suffering?  Your gift of support will help shine the light of Christ into the darkness and devastation.  Be the hands of Christ as you assist Pastor Rasheed and Light of Life Pakistan with your generous gift today.