Light of life GOD giving vision Light of life stand in time trouble, time of difficulty, time of defeat and reach to the unreachable people the gospel of Jesus Christ and give the good news of living God. We are reaching to people about Mass evangelism and leadership conference and school of evangelism.

Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.
(Matthew 9:38)

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Statement of Faith

There is one true God eternally self-existence, the create of the universe and the redeemer of mankind (Duet. 6:4 Ex. 3:14 ISa.43:10,11) revealed as a triune being manifested as Father , Son and Holy Spirit ( Isa 48:16. Matt 28:19. Luke authorities 3:22) . The Bible is inspired , infallible authorit ...

Pakistan Fact file

Pakistan: Fact file Pakistan, land of beauty, rich in culture and history. The mighty Indus river (from which India derives its name) runs from the Himalayas in northern Pakistan and spills into the Arabian Sea east of Karachi. From the high snow of the mountains in the north, the river passes ...