Saint Thomas High School

Light of Life 
From the desk of: Pastor Rasheed Akther 
Light of Life Ministries in Pakistan is dedicated to the ministry of God's grace in the midst of great turmoil and faithlessness. Through the demonstration of our faith in Christ's compassion, we will dissipate the valley of darkness town by town; through care, respect, and by changing the community through the good works of which Jesus and His disciples fervently espoused. 
James 1:27 Pure religion undefiled before God and the Father is this: to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction and to keep himself unspotted from the world. We are here for extending this mission towards the high school and orphans in the community. Most of those in the Slums and Semi-Slums areas of Pakistan never go to school as a result of the catastrophic flooding that has occurred consecutively these past years. The number of orphans is increasing every day, due to ignorance, poverty, and the devastating natural catastrophes that have plagued the country now, and in recent history. 
The Children's Home will be located in the city of Karachi, atop a mountain overlooking the superhighway and Badai Medical School, and will be part of a 5-acre piece of land that will initially host the High School and orphans who are currently housed in Renter Place. They are projected to be moved to the facility as soon as it is completed.

Context of Justification: Light of Life Ministries was founded by Pastor Rasheed Akther over 33 years ago in 1982. Its mission is to seek to demonstrate the compassion of Christ through its ministries of helping communities across the country in order to foster the experience of transformation spiritually, mentally, and physically. It is in this concept that the ministry had been helping children whose parents have died due to the frequent natural catastrophes, and diseases like hepatitis A, B, C, malaria, and others. 
We are obligated as Christians to make great advances in the progress of communities by being permanent agents of change. Biblically and historically, the church developed from home churches and then developed into church buildings, then into institutionalized compassion ministries. 

Why is the St. Thomas High School of Paramount Importance? With recent developments and revelations in world news and events, it has become apparent that Pakistan stands in the breach between world turmoil and world peace. If we turn a deaf ear to this plea, Pakistan, by the year 2050, will be the third most populated country in the world, and most of its population will be young and desperate for purpose in life within a fundamental doctrine which has proven terrifying to the western countries of the world. It is clear that we do not want more terror to pervade, and with our sensibilities, would we not rather nip this plague in the bud? Building those schools and orphanages in Pakistan is the single most effective way to steer those young, hopeless souls of Pakistan away from future enlistments into the most radical and extreme groups. Turning those souls into Pauls of the Bible is what the school and orphanage will be focused on — but only with your help and support can it become a reality. 
In Conclusion
The purchase of the five-acre tract of land, boundary wall and fencing, and security gate has been accomplished by God's grace. 
These are the statistics of the assets toward the building of the school:
Acquired land      $60,000 Wall, 
fencing and gate      20,000
Documents      7,000
Cash in hand      $20,000 
This is the proposed amount needed for the completion of the high school: 
Building and Furnishings      $230,000 
Thank you for your time and consideration in sharing the provision and ministry to the youth of Pakistan. May the Lord Jesus bless you. 
Sincerely, Pastor Rasheed Maher 

Budget for Construction
We have purchased land; 5 acres on the main superhighway, near Baqai Medical School. 
Project completion is projected to be one year. The project will be implemented in two phases with the assumption that the funds will continue to be available from donors. 
These phases and corresponding budgets will be as follows: 
First Phase — High School
Assistance Requested
We are requesting construction costs. 
St. Thomas High School 
Floor                   Covered Area                Rate                           Amount
First floor            8,395 sq.ft                      $15.00 sq.ft              $125,925.00
Second floor     8,395 sq.ft                       $15.00 sq.ft             $125,925.00
Total                    16,790 sq.ft                     $15.00 sq.ft              $251.850.00