To whom it may concern,

I am honored to write this recommendation letter for Pastor Rasheed Akhter. Not only do I know Pastor Rasheed well, I have experienced first-hand his heart for evangelism and his overwhelming response to the command of the Great Commission. I believe Pastor Rasheed is an integral key to the Christian movement in Pakistan.

I was first introduced to Pastor Rasheed Akhter in the summer of 2009. Pastor Rasheed then formally invited me to host a series of festivals and pastors conferences in Pakistan, and after fervent prayer it was clear that God was making this a call on both mine and Pastor Rasheed’s lives.

We proceeded with plans and from April 15-26, 2010 I and a team of 10 joined Pastor Rasheed in Karachi and Hyderabad, Pakistan, hosting 4 festivals and 2 pastor’s conferencesThe Gospel was proclaimed to over 20,000 and 6,000 responded by making a commitment to Jesus Christ! It is especially reassuring to know that Pastor Rasheed and his team are personally handling the follow-up of the commitments. To God be the Glory!

Pastor Rasheed is the ultimate example of passion, dedication and a sold-out bondservant for Christ. Without hesitation, I highly endorse Pastor Rasheed Akhter.

Until the whole world knows,

Alan Greene


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It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Rasheed Akhter. He is a dear friend and faithful servant to the work of the Christian church around the world and in Pakistan.

Rasheed and I have worked together on several projects in his country and in the USA. He has always represented the needs, opportunities, and ministry details with integrity and cultural understanding. He is honest about dangers, but open to culturally sensitive and relevant ministry to his homeland.

When working with Rasheed on major projects I have always been provided a clear and proper budget to consider and he has always been open to hearing our thoughts on what we can and cannot do within our forecasts of funds. He has clearly helped us work out the best plan and programs to meet our needs and goals. We have always been pleased with our work with and through his ministry.

While we do not control Rasheed’s ministry, we do support his ministry every quarter. He faithfully reports what each donation will be used for and the results of our giving. He also shares any needs in relation to the gifts and how future gifts might be spent. Most of the funds that we have given have been used for widows and orphans, plus some for relief work. Even though he is free to use our love gifts for anything he deems important for the ministry, he rarely has used them for administrative or personal support. He is an honorable and good man.

His work in Leadership Training, Pastors Meetings, Evangelism Training, Festivals and Crusades, Local Church Work, and Relief Work, and acts of compassion and kindness, have all been observed, participated with, and appreciated by our On The Go – Keith Cook Team. We/I endorse and recommend Rasheed and his mission to any endeavor that would honor Christ and advance His kingdom.

May God bless you,   Keith Cook, On The Go MinistriesKeith Cook


My husband and I are the founders and directors of On The Go Ministries. On The Go is an evangelistic association that trains young people and adults in ways they can share their faith; and then gives them opportunities to do that domestically and internationally. In the 40 years we have been in evangelism, we have had the privilege to train thousands and travel to over 82 countries proclaiming Christ. On one of our trips, we have the privilege to meet and work with Rasheed Akhter. That was over 10 years ago when we traveled to Pakistan for a pastor's conference and other evangelistic meetings. Rasheed was the coordinator of all the events and we had the opportunity to get to know him quite well during our stay in Karachi. Since that time, we have been a part of his ministry in Pakistan. Keith and I believe in Rasheed's calling and have seen what he is accomplishing for the Gospel. Rasheed has been faithful to helping the needy, homeless, orphans, and those suffering in his country. He has a bold and successful ministry and is very well respected. He seems to always have a new vision to reach even more in his country. Rasheed is a man of his word and is committed to sharing Christ without reservation or fear. We have welcomed Rasheed in our home many times, as he has become part of our family.

My husband and I, along with our entire ministry team, highly recommend our dear friend, Rasheed Akhter.

Sincerely yours, Joan Cook Ministry Coordinator