Pastor Rasheed Akhter (Founder Of LOL)

Pastor Rasheed Akther
(Founder Of LOL)

I am Pastor Evangelist Rasheed Akther. Jesus Christ, who by his grace, found me when I wandered in sin and darkness; he stretched out His lovely hand and saved me. What a joy that filled my life. It was a great glorious night, November 4, 1972, that I gave my life to Christ. I was got to be a re-born Christian with the power of the Holy Spirit on November 4, 1972. I shall never forget my experience on that great night when I received my calling.

I was ministering with the operation mobilization of Karachi up to that time. I did not know what to do; where to go. Jesus appeared to me in a dream and asked me to open my mouth, which I did. He breathed His Breath in my mouth and said to me: go and preach the Gospel; I am with you to confirm all you will say in my name.

From that very time, my life was revolutionized. I went forth and preached everywhere, and the Lord working with me confirmed the word with signs following. I visited some parts of Asia, Africa, and Europe with different crusades and gave teaching seminars. During some of my evangelistic crusades and revival services, I have seen the eyes of the blind open, the lame walk, the deaf hear and many other sickness and diseases healed by the power of Jesus.

Two years ago, the same Lord spoke again to my spirit saying: “organize the flock of Jesus in Pakistan because many people are suffering and are in need of a spiritual revival and assistance in their disastrous human situations especially in the field of primary and prevented medical health care.